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Here you can find all information on the new Patrician 4 from Kalypso Media.All about: trade, production, sea maps and a goods matrix, tips and tricks.


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Last Update:

Sea Map and Goods Matrix for Patrician IV - new goods matrix added

Patrician IV basic figures Excel download

- New Addon information, tips, missions, maps,...


You can order the UK version or US version of Patrician IV.

Patrician IV



After Kalypso Media bought the rights of several titles, e.g. "Anstoss", "Port Royale", "Darkstar One", from the insolvent Ascaron company, they announced a successor of Patrician for 2010.


To reward the long lasting loyality of the patrician community, you can discuss with Daniel Dumont from Gaming Minds Studios - the lead designer of Patrician 2/3, Port Royale 1/2 - about your ideas for the new Patrician 4.


I collected the feedback from Daniel Dumont to give you an Patrician 4 overview. Do not take any statements for granted as the game is still under development and time frame is very limitied. The release is planned for Q3 2010 in Germany.


Besides the forum excerpts - which I will not translate - you can find a summary for all topics, stating the major facts.


And in case you need a copy protection free version of some Ascaron classics, you should take a look at the "The Patricians and Merchants Box" from Kalypso Media.

It includes: 

  • Patrician 3
  • Darkstar One
  • Vermeer

The Patricians and Merchants Box

As I already mentioned, all games are copy protection free and therefore compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.