Tavern Missions


All additional tavern mission in Patrician IV addon.




- Hand over a convoy to a pirate and tell him to siege a town. Some of the looted goods can be bought at the tavern.


Region requires good

- Sell the required good to the region.

- Hint: The amount of goods can not be set! Every unit above the protected limit will be sold.

- This mission is not very attractive as the offered price is low and it does not increase the satisfaction level of the sovereign.


Economic refugee

- Some people want to leave a town. Get a convoy with enough crew-slots to the town and let the refugee bord. They will not require any cargo space.

- At the next landing all of them will leave the convoy.


Buy a piece of the treasure map

- You are offered a part of a treasure map.

- The treasure map consists of 9 pieces.

- Sometimes you can find a message in a bootle, they also carry pieces of the map.