Summary AI


A summary of the forum statements to the AI in Patrician 4.


  • The AI in Patrician 4 should be more demanding and challenging than in Patrician 2 or Patrician 3 and Port Royale 2.

  • The competitors should get different trade- and production focuses. Moreover they are primarily active in their home region.

  • Beside the main AI, small AI trader will be implemented to stabilize the economic system.

  • The game will have 8 main AI opponents.

  • The AI only builds factories if there is an insufficient supply of a good. After a certain amount of excessive supply time the AI will start to knock factories down.

  • The AI can build in player towns if the player want them to do.

  • The AI will harm the player, e.g. by damage a ship/ convoy, reduce the reputation in a town, incite a strike, destroy goods in the warehouse.

  • The AI revenge player sabotage.

  • AI trader will not start pirating.

  • The pirate AI will fight until the end and will not try to flee. But they will only attack if they are not in an inferior position.

  • Pirates will not capture ships but loot some goods.

  • Money lending with the AI should be possible in both directions.

  • The player can not rely on the AI to reach a flourishing Hanseatic League.