Summary Game World


A summary of the forum statements to the game world of Patrician 4.


  • The map known from Patrician 2 and Patrician 3 will be used for Patrician 4.

  • The maps contains 20 towns in 8 regions, plus additional 4/ 8 town, depending on your start settings.

  • All together it is considered to have 32 towns. Maybe the total number of towns will be 40, which means, that 8 towns can get founded by the player. As comparison: Patrician 3 had 40 towns. The final number of towns is not yet fixed.

  • It is still under discussion how to implement the additional towns: small fishing villages or towns to be founded - probably both.

  • Inland towns, requiring special ships, will be present again.

  • The mediterranean region is part of the game while America is not.

  • Town types: Hanseatic towns, Hanseatic trading offices, Hanseatic trading stations, villages

  • Towns can get promoted to the next town type, but it will be very expensive.

  • You can start a game only in one of the Hanseatic towns.

  • A random map will be part of an upgrade or addon.