Summary Town


A summary of the forum statements to the town in Patrician 4.


  • Alike Patrician 2 and Patrician 3 the town consists of three parts in Patrician 4. The center with the market, harbor and action builings, followed by the area where you can build and the first town wall.

  • The center will look as authentic as possible, just the way a medieval city should look like.

  • Buildings near the center will be bigger and neater, they are the home of wealthy citizens. At the periphery you will find simple buildings. The player does not have to care about the extension of the buildings.

  • The town wall can be build/extended multiple times in the area where you are allowed to build. But with each extension it will become more expensive.

  • In general, farm businesses are located outside the town wall.

  • Special Buildings, e.g. university, have a fixed place in the center of the town. All other buildings can be placed freely.

  • The checkerboard pattern town plan is gone.

  • The game engine will place the street on its own. If no building adjoins the street, the street will get demolished.

  • Buildings do not have a special radius.

  • You will view the town from the top and you will have the ability to zoom in.

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