Summary Complexity


A summary of the forum statements to the complexity of Patrician 4.


  • Main goal for the development of Patrician 4 is not a more complicated game but a more complex one. The player should get more options to interact with the game without getting lost in less important things.

  • The main focus is trade, production and transportation.

  • Research will be a new feature in Patrician 4.

  • Some kind of loans will be available but in a different way than in Patrician 2 or Patrician 3.

  • You can buy buildings and production buildings from the AI.

  • Land route trading might get implemented in a very simple way. But is more likely to an addon feature.

  • Weather will have influences on the game again.

  • When you progress further in the game you might come across event that have drastic results and thus keeping the player busy.

  • As part of a mission citizens have to be relocated.

  • At a later date of the game some upscale actions will be available to reduce you money, e.g. upgrade a town to the next level.