Summary Patrician 3 Comparison


A summary of the forum statements to the comparison of Patrician 3 with Patrician 4.


  • Patrician 4 will be different to Patrician 3. Some features will get eliminated or delivered via an addon. The complexity should not suffer, especially the trade complexity will increase.

  • The new Patrician should be easier to play. Not related to the degree of difficulty but the handling.

  • Rookie-friendliness and long time experience will get more important.

  • The alderman position will be harder to reach und easier to lose as in Patrician 3 or Patrician 2.

  • A multiplayer is not part of Patrician 4 but might be part of an addon.

  • The mediterranean region is represented instead of America.

  • Land route trade will only be implemented in a very easy version in Patrician 4, if at all.

  • Missions in Patrician 4 should become more diversified.

  • In general you will not be able to capture ships, only if the enemy crew surrenders. Normally you will be able to loot some goods.

  • Auctions for ships will be part of the game.

  • The development of a town from one status to the next will be more complex.