Summary Comparison Port Royale 2, ANNO & Co


A summary of the forum statements to the comparison of Patrician 4 to other games.


  • Automatic trade routes will be as simple as in Port Royale 2.

  • Opposing to ANNO and The Settlers not all essential goods will be produced. Patrician is a trade simluation game which has its focus on the traded goods during the Hanseatic period.

  • Patrician is not a building game, like ANNO. The building of cities is subordinated. Patrician 4 is focused on the whole Hanseatic region.

  • Building ranges, à la ANNO, are not part of Patrician.

  • Assignments/ Mission should blend into the game world and develop it further.

  • Compared to Port Royale 2, the production system in Patrician 4 will get more complex again. More raw goods are necessary for the production of another good.

  • Alike Por Royale 2, citizens will need building materials.

  • The transportation of citizens, known from Port Royale 2, will only be possible during a mission.

  • Unlike Port Royale 2, which had a strong military focus, no/few ships can get captured.