Patrician IV 1.1.3


An overview of all changes in Patrician IV included in the patch 1.1.3 - from 17. September 2010.



- Improved visual quality and detail of world map
- Added individual textures for various regions
- Added individual houses for various regions
- Improved behaviour of user interface for several menus
- Added new missions, sabotage options, marriage and family feature
- Fixed audio sync for tutorial videos
- Game is now paused in trade window
- Added several new events: Fire, Castaway encounters, Harbour blockades, etc. (some events only available on expert difficulty)
- Resolved crashes under rare circumstances
- Event log entries can now be deleted
- Reduced volume of money jingle
- AI players do not comment the building of every structure
- Fixed issues related to convoy management
- Fixed issues related to mission assignments
- Fixed issues while switching between Counting Houses
- Fixed issues with automatic display resolution/refresh rate detection on some systems
- Fixed mouse scrolling issues
- Fixed display errors for trade routes
- Fixed issues related to building city walls
- Fixed volume settings not being saved properly
- Fixed crashes due to task-switching or resolution changes
- New shipyards can no longer construct researched vessels
- Increased variety and frequency of sovereign requests
- In sea battles, a sound is now played for every individual cannon fired
- Pirates are no longer able to travel rivers with Holks
- Improved building behaviour of AI
- After moving from a newly founded town, the player remains a mayer in this town