Patrician IV 1.3


An overview of all changes in Patrician IV included in the patch 1.3 - from 16. December 2010.




- Pirate activity can now be set via options in three levels
- Mass gatherings of pirates have been fixed
- Pirates off the town are shown on the nautical chart for cities where the player has an office
- Pirate ships out of the player's visual range can now be attacked
- When a convoy is attacked on a trading route, there will be an entry in your chronicle
- Added option to skip cities (frozen harbor, full convoy or empty convoy and none of the commodities served)
- Added notification for interrupted trade route
- Redesigned development of Mediterranean cities, expansion to five stars is now calculated properly
- Before sending an expedition, the return harbor of the expedition convoy can now be chosen
- Rebalanced calculation of population to make it more dependable on quality of life
- Adjusted sabotage carried out by the AI
- The state of a city now has an effect on wage costs
- 'Pause' is added as a new game speed
- Savegames now show extended information of game type, difficulty and in-game date
- In-game date is added to the file name of the savegame
- Abbreviations of the first and the last town of a route are added to the file name of the trading route files


New Missions

- Share trading with the Prince added (ability for players to acquire shares in the region of the Prince and thus to achieve a permanent increase in satisfaction)
- Loan mission added for the Town Hall (the player borrows gold from the town)
- Loan mission added for the Tavern (the AI borrows gold from the player)



- Added percentage of occupied dwellings in a town
- Added display of harbor fees to the town information and nautical chart
- Redesigned the trading route interface
- New ordering options added to convoys ship list and convoy transfer dialogue (escort/size/number of guns)
- A gun icon is added to every ship in the ship list to mark them as escort ships.
- Third tab for an overview of the Prince's shares added
- Added a "Brick" icon to display lack of building materials. Missing materials are displayed in a tooltip
- Gold transfer in the city treasury can now be set using the mouse



- Added new effect during construction or demolition of a building
- Added a hit effect for tower projectiles
- Added effect for destroyed towers



- Added new sounds for shots, hits (melee and distance shots), death, victory, destroyed tower and destroyed business
- Added sound for the construction and demolition of a building
- Added gold jingle sound for every button with a buy/sell function