Summary Trade


A summary of the forum statements to the trade in Patrician 4.




  • Patrician 4 was and will be a trade simulation game first and foremost.

  • The trade system in Patrician 4 will be similar to Patrician 2 and Patrician 3, but it should become more intuitive.

  • Goods that are produced in the Hanseatic League should also be consumed in the Hanseatic League.

  • The trade system will be streamlined. For example: it should not be necessary to sell big goods surpluses in the mediterranean region anymore.

  • About 20 goods are planned.

  • Price guarantees for goods will be implemented.

  • The difference between purchase and selling price in Patrician 4 will be smaller than in Patrician 2 or Patrician 3.

  • Arbitrage chains, resulting from the captain's trade bonus, will be removed.

  • It is unlikely to find land route trading in Patrician 4 due to the restricted amount of time. This feature is likely to get implemented in the addon.

  • The AI trader will primarily trade with towns in their home region.

  • Besides the main AI, some small AI trader will be part of the game to stabilize the economic system.

  • Goods from the mediterranean will get import by a kind of land route.