Summary Production


A summary of the forum statements to the production in Patrician 4.




  • There will be 20 goods: 4 essential goods, 4 raw materials, 4 finished goods, 8 regional goods.

  • A town can produce 5 goods: 2 essential goods and 1 from each raw materials, finished goods and regional goods.

  • Raw materials and corresponding finished goods can never be produced in the same town.

  • The goods system will be more complex in Patrician 4. You will need more than one raw material for the next products.

  • Only the amount of goods that is consumed by the Hanseativ League should be produced.

  • Convenience goods are not part of Patrician, only goods that where traded on a larger scale are in the focus of Patrician.

  • You will be able to crowd the AI out of the production of goods.

  • The AI trader build and produce only(?) in their home region.

  • Every AI trader as a monopoly on a good.

  • The AI trader only builds factories in time of undersupply of a good. After a certain time of oversupply they knock down factories.

  • The production of not efficient goods, which was existing in Patrician 2 or Patrician 3, will not be possible in Patrician 4.

  • Research should result in lower production prices.

  • Maybe a boost for a higher production rate for a short time and higher costs will be implemented.

  • In general, farm businesses are located outside the town wall.