Summary Captains and Ships


A summary of the forum statements to the captains and ships in Patrician 4.


  • Captains in Patrician 4 will be treated differently than in Patrician 2. They will be bound to the convoy. Nonetheless it should be possible to swap them to another convoy.

  • Education mission will be used to increase the skill of captains.

  • It is not planned to limit the number of convoys; as long as it is not necessary due to technical reasons.

  • Inland towns, like Cologne, will require special ships. No change from Patrician 2 or Patrician 3 and Patrician 4.

  • Like Port Royale 2, a ship will have its basic crew. This crew will not produce costs while the ships is in the harbor as they are on shore leave.

  • Fight crews have to be loaded separately.

  • Ships do not carry money. Everthing will be paid from one central account.

  • Auto battles will be in the game again.

  • Capturing ships should only be possible under certain circumstances. In general partial looting of goods from successfully attacked ships will be included.

  • Auctions for ships will be included.

  • Goods will be loaded on trade ships first, fight ships should be as lightweight as possible.