Patrician IV Addon Announced


Kalypso Media announced a Patrician Addon.

Patrician IV Addon Features:

  • 25 land-traderoutes far from the coast

  • Up to 8 new towns in 4 regions

  • Coop-Multiplayer, 2-4 Player controlling one company

  • Teammates can join or exit the Multiplayer at any time, without ending the current game

  • During sea fight every player can controll a vessel

  • Internet and LAN connection

  • Private and public gaming

  • Text- and Voice-Chat for Coop-Multiplayer

  • 6 new scenarios, also available in Coop-Multiplayer

  • New sea map

  • Peoples in town will give you feedback after clicking on them

  • New missions

  • Additional improvements for the main game

First ingame screenshots can be seen here.