Patrician IV Copy Protection


Kalypso Media described how the Patrician IV copy protection will work.


The DVD has a copy protection and has to be in the DVD-drive while playing. Additionally a serial key is required.

It will not be necessary to be online while playing, but you have to be online to get updates for Patrician IV.


After the first installation:

1. You are online: you have to enter the serial. You are asked to create an account, afterwards you can start playing. An account requires an email address.

2. You are offline: you are asked for the serial and you can start playing.


After the first start Patrician IV behaves like this:

1. You are online: you have to log into your account. The Patrician IV launcher offers you news, patches and updates for the game.

2. You are offline: the game starts and the launcher will not show up.