Summary Missions


A summary of the forum statements to the missions in Patrician 4.


  • Like Patrician 2 or Patrician 3, it is necessary to fulfill alderman missions to get alderman.

  • Four different mission types are planned: town hall missions, guild missions, tavern missions and town gate missions.

  • Town hall missions will only serve the town.

  • Guild missions serve the Hanseatic League as a whole.

  • Tavern missions affect the reputation of the player in the positive and negative direction.

  • Town gate missions are related to the sovereign of the region.

  • As lord mayor and alderman you have to react on events. Your reaction will lead to further missions.

  • Complex missions will be part of Patrician 4, e.g. fight back a flood of pirates.

  • Town founding will be a separat mission.

  • Compared to Patrician 2 or Patrician 3, town gate missions will be upgraded. The missions will not only be related to trade, but for example the development of the sovereigns region.

  • Tariffs will not be part of Patrician 4 in general, maybe they will be part of a mission or event.