Patrician IV Event – The Event


The right location was choosen to get the first impression of Patrician IV - the reproduction of an old Caravel.

Information on the ship can be found on the official Website.


Patrician IV Daniel Dumont, Stefan MarcinekI did not count the participants, but certainly more than the 20 people drawn by Kalypso were present. In to the 20 winners, some game magazin and game website editors attended the event. Additonal to Daniel Dumont, two other Gaming Minds employees and some Kalypso employees , amongst others Stefan Marcinek the Global Managing Director, were on site.


We played a version of Patrician 4 that was assembled the day befor. The hardware was well mixed, normal personal computers with big 22 or 24 inch displays and some MacBook Pro computer with slower cpu and gpu performance and small displays. We sat in groups in front of the computers and every one was able to play some time. Daniel went from group to group and answerd several questions.


Patrician IV Event

To leave the harbor a bridged was raised. We sailed to the Baltic Sea, rather to the Bay of Mecklenburg, always land within eyeshot - and we hoist the sails.


The wheather was, as you can see by my pictures, perfect! The decission to play on the lower deck or to stay outside and enjoy the sun was not an easy one.
Afterall Daniel's widespreading statements on Patrician 4 were more interessting for me. Kudos to all the officials from Gaming Minds and Kalypso, they talked freely with all participants.


I bet that some will remember the event for some time. After we docked in the harbor I could cleary see some red faces and I guess they were even more red on the next day.


The official event pictures can be found here.