Patrician IV - Included Features

One Patrician IV feature was widely dicussed during the event - the multiplayer.


A final decision on the multiplayer was not made up to the event. As often this depends on money. If Kalypso thinks that the implemenation of a multiplayer brings more money than it costs, it will be part of the game.

Daniel told us that Patrician 4is disigned as client/server application, the basic structure for a multiplayer is set.


Land route trading will not be part of the main game. This feature will be included in a possible/ likely addon. Daniel told us his concerns about its implementation. This would create a second economic area within the game that would need to get integrated. The route would be difficult too. Contrary to sea routes not every town can be reached directly from another one.


The number of towns will be 20 for the start. Eight regions will be included, each of them will get 4 towns. All in all the game will have 32 towns. One special town, Daniel pointed us to, was Aalborg. It is the only town of the region Denmark that is present in the game from the beginning. As Denmark has meat as regional good, Aalborg is vitial for the meat supply all over the Hanseativ League.


Attacks on towns are not possible, therefore pirate hideouts can not be attacked as used to. Towns have to be brought to their knees by blockades. Attack on pirate hideouts will result in a battle against present pirate convoys. If all of his convoys are destroyed the pirate disappears. If one convoy is able to escape or was not in the hideout when the attack started, he will found a new hideout after some time.


In the later game progress you will be able to research bigger ships. These will cost a lot and meant to reduce surplus money. They offer one special feature: they will not get attacked by pirates, as long as a convoy will only consist of these ships.

Daniel said that we should not consider this as a simplification of the gameplay. As these researches will only be available in the later game and the ships will cost a lot. The player has fought a lot of battles against pirates and might be tired of it. And pirates ar still part of the game, you still have to fight them.


A map editor will not be included. But you will get the chance to adjust several ini-files to chance the town settings. Thus you should be able to wait for the addon.