Eliminate competitors during catastrophes


Especially plagues suited to drive the AI out of the town.

AI - plan town wall


It is not possible to controll how the AI will build the town wall in Patrician IV. But you can influence its size and shape.

How to cope with a worker shortage


Sometimes a good is strongly needed because you do not have enough workers in you factory and you can not acquire new one.

Detect pirate hideouts


Once in a while one should destroy pirate hideouts, but first of all you have to find them.

Reasonable defense/sacrifice


The sovereign and its siege makes Patrician IV sometimes difficult.

Placing wells


Besides the consideration which and how many wells to build, one should also think about their location.

Basic supply of the population


The central issue in Patrician IV - the needs of the hanseatic population.

Economic refugees and hinterland towns


How to transfer economic refugees to hinterland towns?



Guards in Patrician IV are not only necessary to protect your warehouses.