Basic supply of the population


The central issue in Patrician IV - the needs of the hanseatic population.


First of all the supply with food has to be ensured. To prevent famines, 3 of the 4 staples: grain, cheese, stockfish and meet have to be available. If this is not the case, a famine will occur after ~2 months.


If none off the 4 goods is available for a duration of 2 weeks, a famine will occur.


During the winter, the need for wood, wool and hemp is increased.


For smaller towns, less than 10.000 inhabitants, it is sufficient to supply the above mentioned goods in a fair amount - one green light is enough - and the people will be happy.

Larger towns require in addition beer, mead and clothing. Moreover a luxury good has to be available: pelts, cloth, spices and wine. From time to time all goods should be available in a town.


Source: Kalypso Forum