Summary Politics


A summary of the forum statements to the politics in Patrician 4.


  • It will be harder to reach the lord mayor and alderman position as in Patrician 2 or Patrician 3. Moreover it should be easier to lose this positions.

  • You have to work permanently for your reputation. Trading is not sufficient to reach alderman.

  • Important for the reputation in the Hanseatic League are: wealth, political power and social commitment.

  • You have a certain reputation per town, (with some modifications) the sum of it will be your hanseatic reputation.

  • You can get expropriated if you neglect your self created town or if your reputation drops under a certain level.

  • Bad missions result with a chance of ~50% in a reputation drop. The reputation drop depends on your crime record.

  • A sovereign will rule a whole region with multiple towns.

  • You can talk to the sovereign of the corresponding region as lord mayor. As alderman you can talk to all sovereigns.