Summary Alderman


A summary of the forum statements to the alderman in Patrician 4.


  • Alike Patrician 2 and Patrician 3 you have to fulfill alderman missions to get elected for alderman. Additionally you have to have the highest reputation in the Hanseativ League on election day.

  • You will not "automatically" alderman after you became lord mayor.

  • He acts hanseatic wide: town founding, imposition of sanctions.

  • He can negotiate with all sovereigns.

  • The alderman can/ has to react on event in the Hanseatic League, e.g. blockage of a town after extraordinary taxes.

  • The reaction on events triggers, e.g. blockage of a town, new missions, e.g. supply a blockage convoy.

  • The alderman can initiate more severe bad missions.

  • You can lose the alderman status easier than in Patrician 2 and Patrician 3. Your reputation gain from trading will not be enough to remain alderman, missions and donation to hanseatic towns will get more important.

  • Drastic events will only occur after you reached the alderman status.

  • The AI trader will try to become alderman.