Summary Dark Side


A summary of the forum statements to the dark side of Patrician 4.


  • Bad missions might be rank dependent

  • Bad missions will result in instant reputation loss.

  • Pirates will not try to escape during a fight, they will not attack from an inferior position. They will not capture ships but loot goods from the attacked ships.

  • You will not be able to trade with pirate hideouts, instead pirates will offer you looted goods.

  • Pirates will try to destabilize a certain region.

  • The player can hire pirates but he will not get a share of the loot.

  • AI trader will not start pirating.

  • You will be able to capture enemy ships after its crew surrendered.

  • You will not be able to attack towns.

  • You can use sabotage, with a chance of ~50% this will result in a reputation drop. The reputation drop depends on your criminal record.

  • Possible sabotage actions: damage ship/ convoy, sink reputation of an enemy, incite a strike, destroy goods in the warehouse

  • The richer you are the more expensive the sabotage actions will get.

  • You can protect yourself from AI sabotage.

  • If you use a lot of bad missions you can lose buildings and rights.