Options per Rank


The higher the rank the more options are offered in Patrician IV.



• Trade is possible
• Town hall missions  
• Licence to erect buildings (guild)
• Provide patrol (town hall)
• Become member of other guilds
• Second counting house possible
• Pirates appear
• Licence to produce regional good (guild)
• Wedding is offered
Traveling merchant:
• Expeditions (guild)
• Pirate misison (tavern)
• Third counting house possible
Grand merchant:
• Fourth counting house possible
• Missions like slandering or fire raising are offered in the tavern
• Contact the local princes at the town gate  
• Fifth counting house possible
• Champion for a project in the city counsil
Council Chairman:
• Required for Mayor
• No counting house limitation
• Hanseatic council measures are offered (guild) – you have to fulfill three of them to candidate for Alderman
• Maximum trader rank

• Required for Alderman


The requirements for all ranks are listed hier: Ranks