Patrician IV Addon Preview Screenshots


The first Screenshot from the Patrician IV Addon have been released.

Patrician IV Beta Screenshots


Kalypso Media published new ingame Screenshots of Patrician IV, this time from the Beta version!

Tutorial Video - Building the Hanseatic League


The second ingame tutorial video has been release. It describes how to built up the Hanseatic League.

Concept Arts und Modelle


An overview of concept arts and models from Patrician IV, plus one sea fight screenshot.

Patrizier IV trifft Edmund Stoiber


Kalypso Media hat ein sehr schönes Video: der Patrizier als Edmund Stoiber.

Patrician IV E3 Video


Daniel Dumont explains Patrician IV at the E3 in Los Angeles.

Tutorial Video - How to Trade


The first ingame tutorail video of Patrician IV has been published by Kalypso Media.

Patrician IV Event Video Podcast


A video podcast with questions and answers was produced in the course of the Patrician IV Event in Lubeck.