Alpha Version Screenshots


The first Patrician 4 ingame Screenshots are taken from an early alpha version of the game and do not show the final graphics.



According to official statements these screenshots only show about 50% of the final details.

Besides the listed screenshots you can see additional Patrician 4 - Return of the Hanse screenshots at Amazon.


The weather system in Patrician 4:

- cloudy (PC Games)

- rainy (PC Games)

picture with snow 1, picture with snow 2 (PC Games)


The town view Patrician 4:

- entire town, zoom view (PC Games)

- a fully developed town in summer, a fully developed town in fall, a fully developed town in winter (Gamestar)

- market square 1, market square 2 (PC Games)


The dialog windows in Patrician 4:

- trade window (PC Games)

- trade route (PC Games)

- guild (PC Games)