A element that was not present in Patrician 3 - Research.

Research will be interesting at a later stage of Patrician IV and is very time-consuming. The more universities Hanseatic League wide, the faster the research process.

You can count ~0,5 research points per university.


A list with all research activities and their results:

Three-field system
- Basic costs for growers are cut by 50%
- Storage capacity is doubled
Division of labor
- Basic cost for craftsmen businesses are cut by 50%


- Travel speed of all vessels is increased by 10%.
Founding cities
- Establish a new Hanseatic trading post, Patrician IV offers up to 32 towns


Ship types
Hulk, Hanseatic cog, River cog, Caravel


Naval battles
- 10% more damage
Fighting sail
- Escort ship speed in naval battles gets increased by 10%
Corned powder
- Additional 10 % more damage


Defensive structures
Guard tower
- Enables the construction of a guard tower
- Enables the construction of a cannon tower
Building trade
- Craftsmen cost during town wall construction sink by 50%